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Welcome to our friendly and easy-to-find clinic on Riccarton road. We offer comfortable seating and complementary tea or coffee so you can relax until Janice Ling CDT is ready to meet you.

We encourage you to bring in pictures or describe what look you would like to achieve with your new denture. It is also possible to alter your look to something that will better suit your appearance.

For that clean, new denture feel please call us today or complete the contact form and we will get back in touch with you.

Denture technology

We make use of digital design software, and 3D printing technology to make metal partial dentures. While this is coming into daily use we do believe that in many cases, hand-made is still the best way to construct your denture.

The long-term usability and durability is hard to fault from a hand-made denture. As the technology improves you can be assured that we will be using it in our clinic on a daily basis.

The basics of dentures are why they are needed.

If we look at this very simply you can see a few reasons to consider dentures when you lose teeth.

Food and drink- this may seem obvious but as denture technicians it is more difficult than it seems. Your dentures need to be the correct size and secure enough to improve chewing and swallowing. This is something that needs to be maintained regularly as your gums do change over time. Sometimes more rapidly with illness.

Self-esteem – what will make you feel better when you get ready for the day than a fresh, clean smile? A restored mouth with no gaps it will make you feel great and ready for the day!

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