Denture Options

Denture Options

For that fresh smile whether it is gleaming, shiny and new or if you are keeping an old faithful going. Below listed is a guideline to our costs. These are merely indicators and apply to the easiest of cases.

Janice is very familiar with all aspects of making dentures for you. Complete information and advice on partial dentures is where a lot of our focus is at present. Good communication and understanding will ensure a nice result that will last for years to come.

We can show you this in person, but here is a brief explanation of the different types of partial dentures.

Immediate dentures

These are your most important set of dentures, as we don’t hand make these as a cheap throwaway. Designed for partial and full cases, this is the modern way to transition to dentures. Whether you want to stay looking the same or have a mini makeover, we learn this through the initial consultation and treatment planning.

Follow-up is important, we make sure you are getting on well with your new teeth. The first 6-8 months are a time when you can return without fuss and ask those questions that might come up as you transition to dentures.

We know this is a team effort so we work in with your dentist and their team and make sure that deadlines are met and plans are in place before the removals happen.

Standard plastic/acrylic

Made from hard, durable pink plastic this type of denture is an affordable option. There are hand bent metal clips that hold to your teeth giving extra security in its design. This plate is not as strong as other designs but is easy and cheap to add extra teeth to.

Designed for 1- 14 teeth hand-designed and made to complement the remaining natural teeth in your mouth.

Valplast or flexible denture

New age? this material has been around since the 1950’s. This is not for every case but excels in 1-3 tooth gaps. Extremely durable and carries a 5-year warranty against breakage.

This is made either 3D printed and CAD designed, or conventionally. It is a very versatile option.

Care must be taken, and your dentist must be contacted if you would like one of these made as there is more daily maintenance required, as well as annual dentist visits.

Metal partial dentures

This traditional precision partial is designed to evenly distribute biting forces to the remaining teeth. Your dentist will need to be contacted and may need to modify teeth to accommodate this type of denture
3D printed with the latest metal printers. These offer accuracy and very high strength in areas that other dentures would fail. Not cheap but proven to last extremely well. This is considered the best long-term option, provided the remaining teeth are in excellent health.

The more accurate the denture the softer on the underlying gum tissue. But this takes time and is at a greater cost to conventional plastic dentures.

Cost Estimates

The costs listed below are for standard options on healthy gum tissue. If you have been a long term denture wearer, you may have gum tissue that is in need of some initial care and attention which is at additional cost.

Full Denture set

Standard $1909
Premium $2472

Immediate set

includes follow-up $2640

Single denture

Standard $1160
Premium $1552

Partial plastic

from $670


from $805

Metal 3D printed

from $1690